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Have a listen to some of the music I've created.

From the Shaw Festival production of The Hound of Baskerville.
String quartet plus electronics, a little action and a little drama in a dark and brooding setting.

From the Stratford Festival production of The Front Page
8 piece band for a play set in 1930's Chicago.
John Gzowski · The Front Page

An ambient track featuring the Moog electric guitar.
John Gzowski · Meditation 1

From the Shaw Festival production of Dracula, with me singing.
Live string quartet plus electronics

From Kate Hennig's Wilde Tales, featuring Emily Lukasik on voice

And from a Maza Meze cd put out by CBC, Se Nur, written in Esparanto

From Autorickshaw's new album, Meter, a piece I wrote for them.

From Veronica Tennant's piece, Niagara

From Serge Bennathan's piece Tsiganes, for Dancemakers.

From the Gypsy Wife

From Uncle Vanya, a little Georgian type singing. Vocals by Alan Gasser.

For the group, Maza Meze, a world music group I played in for over a decade. Lyrics in Esparanto, 'cuz its the universal language. With Greek and Arabic influences, amongst others.
John Gzowski · Birdos

And again from the Gypsy Wife

From the Shaw Festival production of A Woman of No Importance

From the Shaw Festival's production of Brief Encounters

From Alex Pugsley's film, Fidelio

From Shaw's Major Barbara

For the dance piece, Jacqueries Part 2

For Dancemakers

For Array Music and choreography by Julia Aplin

For Dancemakers

For Louise Bedard

Minimalism for ukelele.

For Tarragon's Theme for Fine Girls

For Blythe Festival's Prairie Nurse

And again…

From the Shaw Festival's The Sea