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john gzowski

Music and Sound Design for Theatre

6 Dora Mavor Moore Award wins from 18 nominations
Nominated for Conception Sonore (Montreal Young Company)
Nominated for the Pauline McGibbon Award
Nominated for the Louis Applebaum Award


Room/ The Grand Theatre
Jesus Hopped the A Train/Soulpepper
The Mules/ DVxT
Rope/Shaw Festival
The Front Page/ Stratford Festival
Audio Boots/Common Boots Theatre
Twelfth Night/ Theatre Calgary
The Hound of Baskervilles/ Shaw Festival
The Baroness and the Pig/ Shaw Festival
Bed and Breakfast/ Soulpepper
Innocence Lost/ Soulpepper
La Bete/ Soulpepper
Dracula/ Shaw Festival
The Cure for Death by Lightning/ Western Canada Theatre
The Lion in Winter/ Grand Theatre
Peace River/ Tarragon Theatre
The Orange Dot/ DVxT
Wilde Tales/ Shaw Festival
Dancing at Lughnasa/ Shaw Festival
Vimy/ Soulpepper
Leading Ladies/ Thousand Island Playhouse
Black Girl in her search for a God/ Shaw Festival
A Woman of No Importance/Shaw Festival
Yellow Wallpaper/ yellow wallpaper collective
Das Ding/ CanStage and Theatre Smash
Twelfth Night/ NAC
Tom at the Farm/Buddies
In a Blue Moon/Arts Club, Western Canadian Theatre, Thousand Island Playhouse
Avericious/Theatre Gargantua
The Hum/Summerworks
B and B/Thousand Island Playhouse
The Divine/ Shaw
You Never Can Tell/Shaw
The Prince of Homburg/Talk is Cheap Theatre
To Kill a Mockingird/YPT
The Thing Between Us
Alice Through the Looking Glass/Stratford, NAC, MTC, Citadel, Confederation Centre
The Sea/Shaw Festival
Helen Laurence/Canstage/Artsclub
Idiot’s Deliight/ Soulpepper
A God in Need of Help/Tarragon
Salt Water Moon/Thousand Islands Playhouse
The Flood/Canstage
Prairie Nurse/Blythe
Cruel And Tender/ Canstage
Yorkville, the Musica/ Blyth
Major Barbara/ Shaw Festival
The Sacrifice Zone/ Theatre Gargantua
The Little ONe/ Tarragon
Other People’s Children/ Tarragon
4.48 Psychosis/ Necessary Angell
The Corpse Bride/Theatre Panik
His Girl Friday/ Shaw Festival
Speed the Plow/ Soulpepper
The Crucible/ Soulpepper
Missalliance/ Shaw Festival
And the King Dances/ Humber
Mrs Warren’s Profession/ MTC
Long Day’s Journey into Night/Soulpepper
Exit the King/ Soulpepper
The Price/ Soulpepper
The Vibrator Play/ Tarragon Theatre
The Ugly One/Theatre Smash
Decalogue/ Tarragon Theatre
Children’s Republic/ Tarragon Theatre
1001 Nights/ Luminato
The Conversations/ Figlio Productions
Brothel #9/ Factory Theatre
War of the Worlds/ Art of Time
More Fine Girls/ Tarragon Theatre
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof/ Shaw Festival
Oh My Irma/Theatre Passe Muraille
Ideal Husband/Shaw Festival
Age of Arousal/Shaw Festival
Cloud 9/Mirvish Productions
A Boy Called Newfoundland/Theatre Smash
Corpse Bride/Theatre Panik
Its a Wonderful Life/Canstage/MTC - Dora award
Brief Encounters/Shaw Festival
Turn of the Screw/DVxT
Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf/ Soulpepper
Madness of the Square/Cahoots Theatre
Glengarry Glen Ross/Soulpepper
The Blonde, The Brunette and the Vengeful Redhead/MTC
Its a Wonderful Life/Canstage - live foley
Rachel Corrie/Theatre Panik
Night Mother/Soulpepper
Little Foxes/Shaw Festival
The Fall/Tarragon
Clean House/ CanStage
Touch the Sky/ LKYPT
The Pillowman/ CanStage
The Time of Your Life/ Soulpepper
Leaving Home/ Soulpepper
John and Beatrice/ Tarragon
Chimera/ Tarragon Theare
What Lies Beneath Us/ CanStage and Crows Theatre
American Buffalo/ Soulpepper
Hana’s Suitcase/LKYPT
Mathilde/ Nightwood
The Monument/ Obsidian Theatre
Magic Fire/ Shaw Festival
Goodness/ Tarragon and Volcano Theatre
St. Christopher/ DVxT Theatre
Fool For Love/ Soulpepper
Lynndie England/ Volcano Theatre/ Traverse, Scotland
Territories/ Theatre Panik/ Theatre Passe Muraille
Hedda Gabler/ Volcano Theatre
Blue Planet/ Lorraine Kimsa Theatre for Young People
Arabian Night/ Volcano Theatre/ Music
Transformation/ Volcano Theatre
The Ride Down Mount Morgan/ Birdland Theatre
Private Jokes, Puplic Places/ Tarragon Theatre/ Sound Design
Hamlet/ Soulpepper/Composer, Sound Design
Capture Me/ Tarragon Theatre/ Composer
Happy Days/ Soulpepper/ Sound Design
No Man’s Land/ Soulpepper/ Sound Design
Two Words For Snow/ Volcano Theatre
Weather/Volcano, Traverse Edinborough/ Composer
Indian Ink/ Canadian Stage/ Sound Design
Adam Baum and the Jew Movie/ Canadian Stage/ Sound Design
Well/ Tarragon Theatre/ Live Music, Composer
Belle/ Factory Theatre/ Sound Design
The Dollhouse/ DVXT/ Composer
Down Dangerous Passes Road/ Factory Theatre/ Composer
Life After God/ Fringe Festival Tour/ Composer
As You Like It/Resurgence Theatre
I Claudia/ Tarragon Theatre/ Sound Design
Mortality Project/ Volcano Prod./ Composer
Smudge/ Nightwood Theatre/ Composer
The Dogpatch/ Guardian Spring/ Composer
Motel Helene/ Tarragon theatre/ Sound Design
Glace Bay Miner’s Museum/ Factory Theatre/ Composer
How Could You, Mrs. Dick/ Theatre Aquarius/ Composer
Corker/ Blythe Festival/ Composer
The Possibilities/ Montreal Young Company/ Composer
Measure for Measure/ Montreal Young Company/ Composer
Life is a Dream/ Skylight Theatre/ Composer
The Anger in Ernest and Ernestine/
Chile Con Carne/ Tarragon Theatre
Emphysema/ Tarragon theatre
A Short History of the Night/ Factory Theatre
Uncle Vanya/ Brian Richmond Prod./Composer
Coyote Ugly/ DVXT/ Musician-Composer
Life is a Dream / Skylight Theatre/ Composer
Quartet/ Froth Theatre/ Musician-Composer
Widow Judith/ Necessary Angels/ Composer
Where is Kabuki/ Factory Theatre/ Musician-Co-composer
The Beavers/ Native Arts Performing Centre/ performer
Rigolleto/ Theatre Passe Muraille/ Musician
The Tooth of Crime/ Mercury Theatre/ Musician