Mahabharata in workshop
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As a Guitarist:

Jazz performances through Europe and Japan, Victoria, Vancouver, Ottawa, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, Victoria and Moncton Jazz Festivals with groups Tasa, Space Trio, Mecca, N.O.M.A.. Additional performances with John Zorn, Fred Frith, CCMC, Graeme Kirkland, Freddie Stone, and Glen Hall.
New Music performances for Hemisphere’s (guitar chair for 7 years), Arcana, New Music Concerts, Evergreen Gamelan Ensemble Club, Autumn Leaf Productions, Banff Centre for the Arts Opera Programme, The Stone (NYC), Critical Band and the Canadian Electronic Ensemble at the Sound Symposium, Open Ear Festival, American Festival of Microtonal Music (New York).
Festival Appearances in Argentina, Poland, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Mariposa Folk Festivals, W.O.M.A.D., Frostbite, New Music Seminar (New York), CMJ (New York), with groups Tasa, Maza Meze, Lenka Lichtenberg, Altin Yildiz Orkestar, Siyakha, Meryn Cadell and the Garbagemen.

The Fray/Lenka Lichtenberg
Shruti Project/ Ganesh Anandon, John Gzowski
Live in Lisbon/ Paul Cram Orchestra
Naked Beauty/ Patricia O’Callaghan

So the Journey Goes/Autorickshaw
Urban Turban/ Tasa *

Gziganes/ John Gzowski *
Secrets Moon Magic/ Maza Meze/ CBC
Soma/ Tasa
Hypnotika/ Maza Meze/ CBC
Soma/ Tasa/ Independant
Camping Out/ Paul Cram Orchestra/Victo
Bhakti/ Tasa/ independant
Brand New Threads/ Maza Meze/ independant *
Chaser/ Hemispheres
Unleavened/ Maza Meze/ independant *
Destroying Angel/ Never Never/ Quantum Records
Fancy Pants Hoodlum/ Merill Nisker/ independant
Hemispheres/ Hemispheres
Canoe Ride to Lost Chord Lake/ RSM Records
Bombazine/ Meryn Cadell/ Sire Records
Lake Michigan Soda/ Bobby Wiseman/ A & M Records
Climbing the Waltz/ N.O.M.A./ Contextural Music
Angel Food For Thought/ Meryn Cadell/ Intrepid Records

Playing Oud in Argentina with Lenka Lichtenberg