john gzowski



Adapted Guitar/ based on Partch’s instrument
Built to the tuning requirements for performing the music of Harry Partch, it uses a subset of 43 tone just intonation on three courses of strings, tuned 8/5, 1/1 and 5/4.
barstow guit angle

43 tone just intonation electric guitar (Monophony). Built with all pitches in Partch’s 43 tone just intonation available. Its quite impractical and plays a bit as a lumpy fretless guitar but with care and practice its possible to play, though chords are very difficult.
partch guit angle
Chromolodeon/ Accordion based version of Partch’s instrument. Two accordion keyboards were run through a bandsaw then bolted together. The reed banks were removed and reworked to allow the 8 octaves to play 43 tone just intonation and to give the instrument an audible range of two octaves. It uses only one reed bank and the bellows are used as foot pumps to run the instrument.

Electric 2x4/ long string just intonation instrument
Electric Dowel/ minimalist electric cello
Electric Shears/ loud shears
Medium Tempered Accordion/ in 19 tone equal temperament
Beat Suit I and II/ trigger suits for dancer Michael Menegon
Soprano guitar/ plays minor seventh higher
Cat’s Cradle/ 50 stringed microtonal electro-acoustic instrument

19 Tone Guitar/ in 19 tone equal temperament