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Works for Dance:

In the Fire/ Holly Treddenick/ Femmes du Feu
For Holly's lovely show about her firefighter father, George, I wrote a series of vocal pieces for Opus 8 using text from George in interview and some I wrote. Opus 8 sung live with Holly dancing in a beautiful show. Here's the trailer with a song I wrote using George's verbatim text.

A Perfect Day/ Laurence Lemiuex - sound design
I worked with Laurence to create a sound design treatment for some of Bach's two part inventions, including a solo electric guitar version of Contrapuntal #1
A Perfect Day Citadel + Compagnie
John Gzowski · Contrapunctus 1 BWV 1080 1 For Electric Guitar

There she was/
Jane Alison McKinney
Music for an intriguing and strong solo by Jane Alison McKinney.

World After Dark/Shannon Litzenberger - composer
I wrote music for this very cool show based off of Christopher Dewdney's book, Acquainted with the Night. Nominated for a Dora Mavor Moore award for music for dance.

Vimy 1917
/ Laurence Lemieux - composer
First phase of an evening length work was taken to France and performed on Vimy Ridge for the opening of Canadian Museum's trench exhibits. A 10 minute version, written for military brass band, of what will be a full length piece was performed. The final version was a full length piece presented in Toronto at Citadel + Compagnie, choreography by the great Laurence Lemieux.
John Gzowski · Waiting

Kudelka at Ryerson
/ James Kudelka
Sound design project for Kudelka’s piece, with William Fallon, for the 60 dancers of Ryerson’s dance programme. We used a variety of mics and a contact pickup under the dance floor to accentuate the sound of the dancers movement to enhance and create a sound score. Turning silence into a score.

/ Hanna Kiel
full length piece presented by DanceWorks.

Armband from Hanna Kiel on Vimeo.

Flux Deluxe
/Peggy Baker
full length piece for Nuit Blanche that worked with an app by Jacob Niedzwiecki for sync’d music and movement instructions over participants phones.

/Gadfly for Laurence Lemieux
Full length, 8 channel score for a duet by Gadfly

/Laurence Lemieux
Sound design
Helped Laurence put together a score of Elvis interviews and bootleg recordings for her lovely show, running the sound in 8 channel surround.

A Soldiers Tale
/Signal Theatre, Michael Greyeyes
Composed music for Michael’s show set with act one in the ’40’s and act 2 in war torn Iraq. The show premiered in Toronto and is off to the Ottawa Dance Festival.
Show listing
Toronto Star review

Brain/Julia Aplin
3 dancers wired up to a bowl with a brain shaped jello so that every time they touch the jello it types a letter of a poem on video and plays a sound.

Jacqueries/Jacob Niedzwiecki
Site specific work running on iPhones, with 4 streams of audio for the audience and 7 for performers and stage management with cues.

Jacqueries Trailer from Jacob Niedzwiecki on Vimeo.

I Love You More/Andrea Nann

Mercurial/Andrea Nann

Shimmer/Red Sky

Seven Ways to Tell Time for Choreographer Louise Bedard and Platform 33

- written and performed by the Madawaska String Quartet
L'avenir for choreographer Damian Munez

/ Andrea Nann

Gziganes for Dancemakers by Choreographer Serge Bennathan

- performed live on stage with Robert W Stevenson, Rick Hyslop, Jeff Wilson, Andrew Downing and John Gzowski Ink for Choreographer Andrea Nann
Alice and Cato for Andrea Nann

Ic for Dancemakers and choreographer Julia Aplin
Performed on homemade recreations of Harry Partch’s instruments, the adapted guitar and a chromelodeon built out of two accordions. All performed in 43 tone just intonation.

Ruby Bastard for Company Blonde by choreographer Michael Sean Marye
Daisy for performer and choreographer Julia Aplin
Ammoni for choreographer Kate Alton
Home Parade for Michael Sean Marye
Invisible Life of Joseph Finch for Dancemakers and choreographer Serge Bennathan
With Margaret Gay on cello.
Inner City Sirens, Part 2 for choreographer Julia Aplin
Inner City Sirens, part 1 for Julia Aplin
Buried Monuments, for Kaeja D’dance
Absquatulations for Kate Alton
Libra for Julia Aplin
Shrik for Julia Aplin
Movements 5 to 9 for Julia Aplin
Tending to Darkness for Pedestrian Waltz
Trio for choreographer Jean-Louis Morin
Fall for Jean-Louis Morin
Tending to Darkness for Pedestrian Waltz
Five Characters in Pieces forGina Lori Riley Dance Enterprises